“Crank it.”

Biggie was in the deck, cranked up as far as the tiny stock speakers in my shitty Saturn could handle. Travis messed with the tiny EQ notches on the face of the cheap stereo. I'd just installed it last week, but didn't have enough cash for new speakers.

“Yo you gotta hear Biggie UP,” Travis moaned. We were driving home together from college, back to Florida from South Carolina. We didn't really know each other.

Not before the crash, anyway. 

Out With Ed

“You left before I could.”

I nodded, even though she couldn’t see me.

“I was already gone,” I said. “Leaving was a formality.”

She was silent for longer than I could stand. My words echoed off the silence hovering between us across the ether.

“Where are you now?” she finally said.

“Not sure,” I said. It was true. I knew I was on the side of the road somewhere between Tacoma and Portland, though there were plenty of places in between where I could be. From my perspective I was at the end of the road.

“Put Ed back on the phone,” she said.

I looked up from the gravel, straining my eyes and neck to signal him. Ed shifted his foot from my between my shoulder blades.

“She wants you.”