Leap Year

Andy drew a line in the dewy window with his pinky. A cascade of water bled out like a meaty cut.

“This is how far we’ve gone. In just one year.”

He swabbed another line, diverging down from the end of the first line.

“This is where we’re going. Where you’re going, anyway.”

Edie stares at the new line. Two lines. Two directions. Each on their own.

She reached up and scrubbed out the lines with her palm, creating a fan-shaped view of the emptiness just outside.

“We jump again," she said. "Together.”

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“He will see you now.”

The android assistant led me to the massive onyx doors of Kobyashi-san’s office. They swung wide, drawing me into the vast bronze lair overlooking Ginza.

Kobayashi was at the end of the room, seated at a massive wooden desk with his back to the flickering city lights. As I approached, he raised a withered hand to his head and pressed his left temple. His closed eyelids illuminated.