Tokyo song titles (thus far)

In an effort to overshare, here are the Song Titles I've collected so far in the 2 months I've been in Japan. I shall be adding more, with searing regularity:

Every Moment Is a Payoff

Weak Fish

My Third Wet Dream

I Woke Up And I Thought Motherfucker

My Poor Syllabus

My Neighbor Was A DJ

Man, It's So Hard To Find A Good Udder

That's a Very Dark Cowbreast

Miso Beach

Managing Project Manager

In The Meantime, I Got A Hotdog

I Like Iron Man and Trance

The Definitive Study of Knobs

Table For Two

He Really Shit The Bed On That One

Put It In A Frying Pan and Give It a Little Toss

Give Way Glenda

Declining Models

That's A Beautiful Octopus

Slave In An Owl Cafe

Don’t Be Like Europe

Submitting Yogurt

The May Disease

Mr. Aoyama

Bowing At White People