Your Dad Gave Birth To Me

Blue Is a Communication Color

Holy Grail of Handjobs

Freakout In A Sea Of Animal Friends


Yeah, It's Cheese

The Monk Who Stole My Seat

I Don't Like Me On 24

The Dongle Situation

The Cookie Directive

Two-Faced Cat

What Are We Laughing At?

I Have Cherry Blossoms On My Back

Freshness Is Outclassing

Scratching At Camels

That Moment You Realize Your Dad Was A Dude

Resort Pizza

My Mom Meditates Her Ass Off

Africans Tend To Be Fruitier

Nuts About Philosophy

I Have To Delete A Person

Spandex Is A System

Shagging This Bird in Vietnam

We Probably Hated The Same People

No One Hired You Ti Be A Douchebag

So About Those Chicken Wings

Coke In The Loo