Your Dad Gave Birth To Me

Blue Is a Communication Color

Holy Grail of Handjobs

Freakout In A Sea Of Animal Friends


Yeah, It's Cheese

The Monk Who Stole My Seat

I Don't Like Me On 24

The Dongle Situation

The Cookie Directive

Two-Faced Cat

What Are We Laughing At?

I Have Cherry Blossoms On My Back

Freshness Is Outclassing

Scratching At Camels

That Moment You Realize Your Dad Was A Dude

Resort Pizza

My Mom Meditates Her Ass Off

Africans Tend To Be Fruitier

Nuts About Philosophy

I Have To Delete A Person

Spandex Is A System

Shagging This Bird in Vietnam

We Probably Hated The Same People

No One Hired You Ti Be A Douchebag

So About Those Chicken Wings

Coke In The Loo

Tokyo song titles (thus far)

In an effort to overshare, here are the Song Titles I've collected so far in the 2 months I've been in Japan. I shall be adding more, with searing regularity:

Every Moment Is a Payoff

Weak Fish

My Third Wet Dream

I Woke Up And I Thought Motherfucker

My Poor Syllabus

My Neighbor Was A DJ

Man, It's So Hard To Find A Good Udder

That's a Very Dark Cowbreast

Miso Beach

Managing Project Manager

In The Meantime, I Got A Hotdog

I Like Iron Man and Trance

The Definitive Study of Knobs

Table For Two

He Really Shit The Bed On That One

Put It In A Frying Pan and Give It a Little Toss

Give Way Glenda

Declining Models

That's A Beautiful Octopus

Slave In An Owl Cafe

Don’t Be Like Europe

Submitting Yogurt

The May Disease

Mr. Aoyama

Bowing At White People